Capital One

The address for innovation is 1717.

We are a collaborative workspace for community organizations and entrepreneurs to learn and innovate together to build a better Richmond.


The 1717 Innovation Center, located in the heart of Richmond, is a hub for resources focused on supporting community organizations and entrepreneurs.

A Place For Powerful Growth

Capital One's $150 million Future Edge community initiative fuels our investments here at 1717. Focused on empowering more Americans to find confidence in the digital economy, Capital One recognizes that when small businesses do well, local economies succeed and communities are strengthened.

A Space as Inspired as its People

Imagined as an all-in-one experience design lab, conference venue, and event space, we invite multi-disciplinary experts to engage with community organizations and entrepreneurs to share innovative new ways to help them meet their mission.

Startup Virginia

Are you a local startup interested in building the future with us at 1717?

Learn more about Startup Virginia's events, learning opportunities, and membership options.

Meeting Space

1717 was designed with the community in mind. We offer access to three unique spaces for community organizations, nonprofits, and civic groups to meet in:

  • The Trolley Room is an open, amphitheater-like space that can accommodate groups up to 50.
  • The Board Room is a closed, structured space for meetings that can accommodate groups up to 12.
  • The Rooftop is a conference space that can accommodate groups up to 70.

If you're interested in hosting your next event or meeting with us, please visit to request space. Requests are reviewed and approved regularly, with priority given to community organizations and events that are aligned to the purpose and intent of 1717.

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